制造工厂位于风景秀美的扬州东郊,省级江都经济开发区。工厂通过国家3C认证,拥有多名行业资深人才国内外先进的生产与检测设备,领先同行的电机与油箱生产线专业生产液压升降设备行业用各种电机、电器、油箱等相关产品品与业者配套,稳定性好,并随各主机厂配套销往欧美等世界各地。我公司秉承精细 创变 诚信的经营理念,努力为广大客户提供超值产品与服务,领先一分 永远是我们的目标!

Haiyi St. Electrical Equipment Co., comes from the fashion capital of Shanghai, carrying electrical equipment sales company, Yangzhou Voda mechanical and electrical manufacturing company, Jiangdu Yi San precision motor factory and other related companies, sales agents various types of electrical products.

Manufacturing plants located in the beautiful scenery of the eastern outskirts of Yangzhou, Jiangdu Provincial Economic Development Zone. With more than senior industry personnel advanced production and testing equipment, the leading peer-motor and fuel tank production line specializing in the production of hydraulic lifting equipment industry with a variety of electrical, electronics, fuel tanks and other related products with the industry supporting products, good stability, and with the OEMs supporting each sold around Europe and the world. I uphold the fine record becomes the integrity of business philosophy, and strive to provide our customers with premium products and services, one point ahead is always our goal!